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Are There Emergency Dentists?

Posted by ijaz

Are There Emergency Dentists?

My sister has not seen a dentist in over eight years. She’s had a rough go of things with a divorce and non stop health problems. She’s been complaining about her tooth hurting and I know that can be serious. Is there such a thing as an emergency dentists where she can get treatment?


Dear Paula,


Emergency Dentists

I am so sorry for your sister and all she has gone through. I am glad she has you, though. It sounds like you have her back. While there isn’t technically an emergency dentists, like there is for an emergency room, there are dentists who are willing to see non-established patients in emergency situations. A toothache is considered a dental emergency.

You said she hasn’t been to a dentist in years. Often, when that happens it is because a patient has dental anxiety as a result of a traumatic experience. With everything she’s been through recently, I want to make sure her experience at the dentist can be as stress free as possible.

When you look for an emergency dentist for her, make sure you look for one who is also a sedation dentist. They can provide your sister with medication that will completely relax her and provide her with a pain-free dental appointment.

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