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Cromwell Sedation Dentist

Cromwell Sedation Dentist

If you have trouble getting numb at the dentist’s office or are anxious about dental care, sedation dentistry may help. At Cromwell Sedation Dentist; Nova Dental, we’re experienced at caring for anxious patients and keeping them comfortable during visits. We know these patients often have unique needs and unaddressed dental problems. That’s because anxious patients tend to put off dental care. It’s a common situation often caused by a prior traumatic dental experience. Some dentists don’t take patients seriously when they say they’re in pain. We do. We want you to feel good during your appointment and look forward to the next one.

If you’re anxious at the dentist’s office, you might have trouble getting numb with just a novocain injection. Sedation will help. That’s because anxiety increases your pain sensitivity. Even the injection itself will be barely noticeable with sedation.

Sedation will affect your perception of time passing. That means your appointment will probably seem like it’s over just about as soon as it begins.

Safety and Sedation Dentistry in Cromwell

We use time-tested sedatives to ensure your comfort and well-being. Before you’re sedated, we’ll ask questions about your medical history and overall health. Fortunately, most people can safely be sedated. During your appointment, we’ll monitor your heart rate and blood oxygen levels. If you require IV sedation, you’ll be cared for by our oral surgeon, Dr. Abunasra. He is licensed by the state of Connecticut to provide this sedation.

Types of Sedation

Each type of sedation has pros and cons. The kind you receive depends on your needs, preferences, and treatment plan. We offer:

Cromwell Sedation Dentist; a sedated blonde woman with a mask for nitrous oxide over her nose at the sedation dentist
Cromwell Sedation Dentist

Nitrous oxide. During your appointment, you’ll breathe in this mild sedative through a mask we’ll place over your nose. Though you’ll be awake and aware of what’s happening, you won’t be worried or anxious. You may feel mildly euphoric.
The advantages of nitrous oxide are:

  • It works quickly.
  • You can drive yourself to and from your appointment.
  • It clears from your system in minutes with oxygen.

Oral sedation. For some patients, nitrous oxide is not strong enough. Oral sedation is stronger. The doctor will prescribe a pill for you to take at home before your appointment. After your visit, you’ll feel tired and won’t remember the experience. You’ll need someone to take you to the office and bring you home.

Oral conscious sedation works well for:

  • Wisdom teeth extractions
  • Multiple extractions at the same time
  • Placing implants

IV sedation. This is the strongest level of sedation we offer. With it, you won’t remember the appointment, though you’ll be conscious during it and respond to us when we talk to you. Afterward, you’ll feel tired and need someone to take you home.

Many patients who see a sedation dentist report that their dental anxiety decreases over time. To make an appointment and learn more about Cromwell Sedation Dentist ; sedation dentistry, please call our office at 203-234-3900. If you would like us to call you, simply fill out this form.

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