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Emergency Dentist Will Not Fix Another Dentist’s Crown

Posted by ijaz

Emergency Dentist Will Not Fix Another Dentist’s Crown

I had a dental crown placed just six months ago. I’ve been back several times to have it adjusted because it has never felt right. Now it’s broken. I have lost faith in this dentist completely. Because it was broken and I am in pain I went to see an emergency dentist. I was hoping they could just glue it back on but they said the only thing they can do is replace the crown. I am so frustrated. I just paid for this crown six months ago.

I cannot afford another one. My frustration is that I feel this dentist is just trying to make money off of another dentist’s shoddy work. Is there any other option?


Dear Abby,



Emergency Dentist


While I can completely understand your frustration, you mentioned that the dental crown broke. Bear in mind that I haven’t examined you, but usually, dentists are compassionate people who went into their field because they wanted to help people. It is possible that the crown was broken beyond the ability to bond it back on or even repair it. Replacing it may have been the only realistic option the emergency dentist had.

In general, dental crowns are expected to last a minimum of five years. Yours has only lasted for less that one year. Because of that, you have a couple of options.

Option one is to give your dentist an opportunity to completely re-do the crown. He should do this at his own expense. Your second option is to just have your dentist give you a refund. Then, you can have the crown redone by another dentist of your choosing.

None of this is ideal, but a dentist should stand by his work. Hopefully, your dentist will use this as a learning opportunity to up his skills.

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