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What If My Child Won’t Sit Still for the Dentist?

Posted by ijaz

What If My Child Won’t Sit Still for the Dentist?

I have a five year old dentist who just won’t sit still enough for the dentist. My long-suffering dentist has tried kid’s movies, puppets, and storytelling. My kid just won’t stay still. Now he has a cavity that needs to be filled because it is on a back tooth. I am at my wit’s end. Do you have any other suggestions for me? I’m open to chloroform…just kidding (sort of). Please don’t call social services.


Dear Mandy,

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Being a parent is HARD, so don’t worry. No one will call social services for the odd desperate thought that practically every parent has probably had. I mean is it okay to ducktape them to a wall when you have an important Zoom meeting?  I’m asking for a friend.

I have good news for you. There is a way to get your son the treatment he needs. You will need a pediatric dentist who offers dental sedation. This isn’t quite like chloroform, but it is as useful. Your son will be conscious but so completely relaxed he will probably sleep through the entire procedure. It is completely safe and your son will be monitored the whole time.

You want to get on top of that cavity now, because that is a much simpler treatment than if he ends up with a dental infection. He would then need a pulpotomy.  If the infection spreads rapidly, it could reach his heart, lungs, or brain. I actually have a friend from another state in the hospital right now because she put off having her cavity treated and the infection spread across her face. This is why many tooth infections are considered dental emergencies.

I’m not trying to panic you. You’re in a good stage right now with this just being a cavity, so find that dentist and get this cavity removed and filled.

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