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What is More Affordable a Dental Bridge or a Partial?

Posted by ijaz

I recently lost my job along with my dental insurance, so all my care is out of pocket. I’d been a little negligent as a result and am losing two teeth. One on each side of my mouth. I would love to get dental implants, but they are way too much for me. Instead, I am now looking at a dental bridge and a partial. Do you know which one of these options is more affordable? Any pertinent information would be useful to me as well.

Thank you for any help.

Dear Alli,

It is hard when you are out of money and have legitimate medical needs. I am sorry you are having to face this while dealing with trying to find a new job. I can help you with this decision.

A Partial

Image of a removable partial denture

Let’s start with the partial. This is short for a removable partial denture and it will be your cheaper option. These are generally made out of metal, acrylic, or a combination of the two. They are held in place with clasps, but you should be aware that they are removable.

Because they are removable, they will not be as secure as other options you may have. These will need periodic replacement and/or repair. Because of that, you will want to factor the replacements and repairs into the total cost.

A Dental Bridge

Illustration of Dental Bridge

Unlike a partial, a dental bridge is permanently attached. It suspends a false tooth between two dental crowns. This means the teeth adjacent to your missing tooth will have to be ground down for dental crowns. They are the abutment teeth that will keep your false tooth secure. Because they are permanent you can brush or floss your teeth as you normally would.

They are the more expensive option. If it is what you would prefer, you could try asking your dentist if he would allow you to pay this out instead of all of it upfront. If he or she is unwilling to do that, then I would look for a dentist who advertises himself as an affordable dentist. They are generally more willing to work with patients on finances.

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