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Wisdom Teeth: Will Getting Wisdom Teeth Out Hurt?

Posted by ijaz

Wisdom Teeth; Will Getting Wisdom Teeth Out Hurt?

I have never had a tooth removed before. I’m about to have four. They are my wisdom teeth. I am super nervous about it and my dentist keeps telling me not to worry about it and that he will give me oral conscious sedation and I’ll be fine. I’d like to think that, but I’m wondering if I would be better off being put under. My mom panics about being put under, but says I’m 16 and if I do my research she’ll hear me out. What do you think? Will it hurt to get my wisdom teeth out?


Dear Katie,

wisdom teeth whitening

I am glad you wrote. You and your mom seem to have a great relationship and I love that she is giving you freedom to figure some things out for yourself. It will really help you prepare for later in life. I have some great news for you too. There really won’t be any need to be put under. First, you are getting your wisdom teeth removed at the perfect time. As you age, that area solidifies more and makes it more challenging to remove.

Second, your dentist’s choice to give you oral conscious sedation is spot on. Some patients call it sleep dentistry because they are so relaxed they can sleep completely through their appointment. The most common response when the procedure is finished and people “wake up” is asking when everything is going to start.

You will be so relaxed that your dentist will require you to have someone drive you to and from your appointment as well as stay with you for a few hours until you are lucid and steady on your feet. My suggestion is to have a pillow and blanket on your couch and just plan on a lovely Netflix binge.

Oral conscious sedation is also used to help people who struggle with dental anxiety. It allows them to have an anxiety-free and pain-free appointment.

An important key for you will be to stay on top of pain management after you get home. They may give you some prescription pain meds for the first two days. After that, make sure you are taking over the counter pain medication on schedule so that you don’t cause yourself any unnecessary aching.

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