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Your First Visit

Whether you visit our North Haven, Cromwell, or Wallingford office, you will have the same welcoming experience at your first appointment.

Your initial exam will take about one hour. Our friendly receptionist will greet you when you arrive for that visit. She will offer you a seat in the waiting area and show you how to fill out our new patient forms. Soon, a member of our skilled team of dental hygienists will call your name.

First, the hygienist will ask you questions about your medical and dental history. She will also take x-rays of your mouth so the doctor can look for cavities and other problems. If you have recent dental x-rays, we may not need to take new ones. Next, the hygienist will clean your teeth.

All you need to do is lie back and relax during your cleaning. Our hygienists are trained to be gentle while carefully checking your mouth for signs of decay or inflammation.

The hygienist must also remove tartar from your teeth. Tartar forms when plaque hardens, putting your teeth at risk of decay. Our hygienist will carefully remove the tartar with a scaler, preventing it from contributing to gum disease. She’ll then brush and polish your teeth and finish by flossing between each tooth. After your cleaning, your mouth will feel fresher and taste better.

Next, you will meet one of our three general dentists: Dr. Ijaz, Dr. Palaksha, or Dr. Kerr. The doctor will examine your teeth for signs of decay, review your x-rays, and discuss your treatment needs with you. At Nova Dental, we believe in keeping you fully informed about your treatment options, and we always work within your budget.


To provide the best care for our patients, our offices are equipped with:

  • Digital x-ray scanners, including cephalometric and panographic scanners
  • Intraoral scanners for impressions, eliminating the need for messy impression materials
  • A small onsite lab, which enables us to have a quick turnaround for crowns, dentures, and other services


We work hard to make appointments pleasant for our patients, especially those who are anxious at the dentist. We make our office welcoming and keep our treatment areas comfortable with pleasantly scented candles and soft pillows.

To schedule your first visit to our North Haven, Cromwell, or Wallingford office, please call 203-234-3900. You can also fill out this form, and we will call you.